5 Fighter Influenced Strains!

5 Fighter Influenced Strains!

Photo Credit: Metro.Co.Uk

Some times you smoke the weed….and other times the weed smokes you!

This list is compiled of fighter influence heavy hitting strains, that are sure to rock you like a Mike Tyson uppercut! Most strains that are notorious for knocking people out are of the “Cannabis Indica” variety, known for heavy sedative relaxing effects that often leave users down for the count.

1. Mike Tyson OG

Picture Credit: Weedmaps.com

A heavyweight indica strain that tends to be almost pure indica, its been known to pack a punch like the former undisputed champ himself! With its pungent, earthy, sweet, and diesel fragrance it can be smelt from your bag or the locker room. Its heavy body effects land like a good liver shot, but have been found to dull pain, stress, and insomnia. Smoke enough of this and its sure to knock you out!

2. Kimbo Kush

Photo Credit: MMAJunkie.com

Ohh Yeah! Kimbo Kush is

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