Peter King: Kaepernick, Protests, Goodell Contributing to Ratings Decline

WASHINGTON â?? A year ago, it seemed you couldn’t go anywhere â?? social media, sports broadcasting, sports radio, bars â?? without hearing about NFL ratings. NFL ratings talk eventually merged with Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the national anthem, and a controversy bonanza emerged.

A year later, we’re more or less in the same position.

After an entire offseason has come and gone without Kaepernick being signed, despite many other less successful quarterbacks finding NFL teams, it remains one of the biggest storylines around the league. Meanwhile, ratings for the season opener, a shocking upset of the New England Patriots courtesy of the Kansas City Chiefs, were the league’s lowest in years.

And sure enough, one of the top voices in the sport, MMQB’s Peter King, tells 106.7 The Fan’s Chad Dukes that the two are, in fact, related. But, King notes, Kaepernick and the growing national anthem protest is just part of the cause for the league’s ratings decline. …

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