Lions use defensive lineman as a fullback — and it works!

ALLEN PARK — After a sloppy start that buried them in a 10-0, the Detroit Lions were finally on the move when they faced a critical third-and-1 deep in Arizona territory.

That’s when they dialed up their secret weapon.

Defensive end Alex Barrett reported to the offensive huddle, and then lined up as the fullback in an I formation. 

“Getting in that huddle with Matthew Stafford is another experience,” Barrett said. “It’s not like the defense getting the calls. He’s spitting it out so fast. … That’s different, processing the play in my head. And then we just had to take off. So I was nervous at first.”

But Barrett handled the gig beautifully.


The 260-pound lineman barreled toward the right side of the line off scrimmage expecting to truck a lineman or maybe a linebacker. But what he found instead was actually a bit of daylight just inside of a pulling T.J. Lang. He shot through the gap, and didn’t have to hit anybody until he …

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