Colin Cowherd Still Thinks Ohio State Can Win The National Title

Colin Cowherd isn’t writing off Ohio State just yet.

FOX Sports radio host Colin Cowherd picked Ohio State to win the national championship before the season started and it doesn’t look like he thinks the Buckeyes are done just yet.

Cowherd, two days after Ohio State was crushed by Oklahoma at home, cautioned fans not to give up hope just yet. Here’s what he had to say:

“Ohio State has an identity crisis on offense. They have a great coach. They have a great defense. They have a great roster. They have great tradition. They have great recruiting. Right now, they have an identity issue on offense. Tom Herman solved some of those problems. He has left.

Now, they only dropped to eighth in the AP Poll. They’re still in the hunt for the national championship. Folks, if they go win big the next two weekends, they’ll be sixth. Look around at the games coming up.

You’ve got to remember that Oklahoma last year got housed in Norman against the Buckeyes. They haven’t lost since.

Clemson last year, lost to Pittsburgh – should have lost to NC State. Struggled with Troy in the first month. And then beat Alabama. Don’t exhaust yourself on the first two-three weeks of college football. Ohio State now is struggling. J.T. Barrett is really either regressing or not getting the coaching that he needs.”

Here’s video:

If Cowherd is going to be right, Ohio State needs to figure out its issues on the offensive side of the ball. We’re sure Urban Meyer is working on it as we speak.